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About Us

Twin City Tee Company got it's start in 2013 in the owner's spare bedroom of their house, making t-shirts and filling orders for anyone and everyone they could spread the word to, eventually taking their designs online on sites such as Etsy and eBay. The demand for the couple's original designs grew and grew until the name "Twin City Tee Company" was born. The name draws from their home, the "Twin Cities" of Monroe & West Monroe, Louisiana, most notably known as the location of the hit TV series "Duck Dynasty". With the creation of this site and their very own online store, they hope to take the Twin Cities national with their creative and original designs focusing on the world of sports and pop culture, while also maintaining a marketplace for original, one-of-a-kind custom designs that customers request from time-to-time. If you're looking for something different, unique, and on the forefront of modern & trendy t-shirt designs, you have come to the right place: Twin City Tee Company!